For many years, Gary Altman Sr. worked at Sears. His wife, Barbara, ran the household and raised the children, as was the usual custom in the mid-1970s. Gary supplemented the family income with side jobs repairing old washers, dryers and air conditioners, and then sold them for extra cash – a great plan for a few extra bucks, but Altman had more vision that that.

Knowing that Florida residents could not live comfortably without air conditioning, he decided that he would use his excellent skills in the air conditioning industry. He worked at learning all he could about the field, and took his state exam in 1979 and passed. In 1979, Titusville Air Conditioning was started as a new business from the garage of Gary Altman Sr. with Altman and his best friend. Quickly becoming a thriving operation, it didn’t take long to outgrow the small quarters they were in, and soon the business moved to a newly purchased building on the corner of Hopkins Avenue and Country Club Drive in Titusville.

The growth of the company was surprising. By 1987, Titusville Air Conditioning was listed as one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation.

Inc. Magazine listed Titusville Air as number 269 in the Inc-500 nationwide. Providing personal service, honesty, reliability, excellent products at fair prices made Altman’s efforts pay off. In the meantime, Altman’s son, Gary Jr., began to work with his father in the company. He was only 14 years old when he began, but he stayed with it and learned the business and his father’s way of providing great products and service that ends with customer satisfaction. Altman’s daughter, Teresa, also worked with her father in the company, making the venture a family affair. As Altman came to retirement age, the company was sold.

Titusville Air was no more. Teresa, Altman’s daughter, went with the new owner, and son Gary had taken a job at the Cape. After a while, they both decided that keeping Altman’s style of business alive was a better way to go. In April of 2000, sister and brother joined together and opened Altman’s Air Conditioning in the same building at 3485 South Hopkins venue in Titusville that housed their dad’s vision back in 1979. The family business was back, and Gary and Teresa were doing what they knew best, in the same style that Gary Sr. made so successful. At the beginning of 2007, Greg Altman, the grandson of Gary Altman Sr., joined the team, changing the name and the new look as you know it today to Altman’s Cooling & Heating LLC. Altman’s Cooling & Heating is still growing. If you look at the employee list, you will find 11 dedicated employees working as a team toward one common goal: outstanding customer service.