Air Conditioning in Titusville, FL

Altman’s Cooling & Heating delivers cool comfort to your home or business all year-round, providing the highest quality air conditioners and air conditioning services in Titusville, Cocoa, and the surrounding Brevard County, Florida communities.

In the warm, tropical climate of Titusville and the surrounding Brevard County, Florida area, having air conditioning that works properly is a necessity. Even if your air conditioner is keeping your house cool, you still need to maintain and be sure that it is running efficiently. Altman’s Cooling & Heating can help with all of your air conditioning needs. We offer a variety of services from air conditioning installation to service and maintenance.

Air Conditioning is a Necessity

Air conditioning does much more than keep you and your family cool and comfortable in the hot weather. Excessive heat and humidity that can be trapped in your home may be dangerous, especially to young children, older adults, those with respiratory disorders and even your pets. Heat and humidity also affect wood floors, paneling and even aluminum. Air conditioning provides a way to control the interior temperature of your home to provide optimum comfort inside no matter how hot it may be outside.

Air Conditioning Services We Provide

  • Air Conditioner Installation: We can install a new air conditioner to cool your home and keep you and your family comfortable and healthy during those hot Florida days.
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance: In order for your air conditioner to provide the proper cooling and remain efficient, we offer preventative maintenance services to keep it running like new.
  • Air Conditioning Repair: If your air conditioning unit is not working properly or not working at all, we provides a wide range of air conditioning repairs to help you stay cool.
  • Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning: Coil cleaning allows your air conditioner to work more efficiently and make sure you are getting the best cooling in your home your unit can offer.
  • Air Conditioner Replacement: Air conditioners wear out and when it is time to replace your old unit we can help you find and can install a brand new, efficient air conditioning unit. We are an authorized Bryant® air conditioning dealer and offer a large selection with one to fit nearly every home.

How Much Do Air Conditioning Services Cost in Titusville, FL?

The cost of air conditioning services in Titusville, FL, will vary based on a number of factors, including the type of service you require, whether it is a replacement, first-time installation, repair or simple maintenance. To find out what the needed services will cost, we offer free estimates. Contact us today to speak with us about your personal air conditioning needs. Please visit our financing and specials pages for the latest air conditioning deals we have available.

For over 30 years, Altman’s Cooling & Heating has kept residents of Titusville, Cocoa, and the surrounding Brevard County, Florida communities in comfort.

We are proud to offer the affordable $29 service call*, with fully equipped vans to solve common heating and cooling problems on the first visit. We maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Contact us and let our expert technicians deliver a prompt, professional, and friendly solution for all your air conditioning needs.

*with repair