1. What is Causing My Air Conditioner to Leak?

    Air conditioners leaking water isn’t an uncommon problem, especially in places like Florida where we rely so heavily on our A/Cs running 24/7. When water damage and repair costs are on the line, Altman’s Cooling & Heating wants to make sure you are aware of all the possible causes of A/C lea…Read More

  2. My HVAC Unit is Running Louder, What are the Next Steps to Take?

    Loud HVACs can cause a vast variety of issues that don’t even pertain to the system itself. From troubles sleeping, to struggles focusing on tasks inside the home, this little problem can quickly get out-of-hand. To keep you and your family comfortable and your daily routines unhindered, Altman’…Read More

  3. How To Best Maintain Your Heater In The Winter

    Winter often sneaks up on us – and our homes! It’s important to prepare and maintain certain aspects of your house before and during the winter, perhaps most importantly, your heater! Regular maintenance will prevent you from finding your heater broken one cold day. Clean or replace the filter. …Read More

  4. 5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

    Few things are as fun and fulfilling as being a pet owner, but when we have furry friends taking comfort in our domiciles, we have to be a little extra vigilant when it comes to maintenance around the home. For instance, did you know having a pet affects your air conditioner and how it operates? It…Read More

  5. UV Lights: Why Are They So Important?

    Anytime someone mentions UV (ultraviolet) light, the first thing you probably think of is those long, slender bulbs that line the interior of office buildings, often giving off a familiar humming while casting everything in a blue-ish glow. However, the reality is that’s just what we can see; the …Read More

  6. How Can You Lower the Humidity in Your Home?

    If you live in an arid climate, such as most of the southwest, the dry weather can lead to tight skin, chapped lips, headaches, and more. Fortunately, that’s not a problem that residents of Titusville, FL, and surrounding areas have to worry about. After all, with relative humidity levels reaching…Read More

  7. The Importance of Changing Your Filters Regularly

    If you’re a homeowner, then you likely have a lot on your plate when it comes to keeping your home up and running at its best. One of the most important systems in your home is your heating and cooling system, which keeps you and your family comfortable, year-round. While it’s clear that your HV…Read More

  8. Comfort and Care During the Holidays

    The holidays are here, which means family, good cheer, warm memories and the celebration of special moments. Family gatherings during the holidays are long remembered long cherished, and in our busy world, they often are among the few times of the year when the true spirit of family is able shine th…Read More

  9. Getting Your Home Ready for Guests for the Holidays

    Having family over can be one of the most exciting, but also one of the most stressful parts of the holidays. To avoid any more headaches than necessary, we here at Altman’s Cooling & Heating want to provide you some helpful tips to make sure your air conditioning unit is running as smoothly a…Read More

  10. My Heater Smells Like It’s Burning

    We’ve all been there before: you turn on your heater for the first day of winter and something doesn’t seem quite right. In many cases, you may smell something like burning, and begin to wonder what’s going on. This can be especially concerning if you are not a heating professional yourself, a…Read More