1. What are the Benefits of a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

    Smart or Wi-Fi thermostats are all the buzz these days, but some of it is just a matter of smart programming. Here's what a smart thermostat can really offer you, and how to decide whether or not you really need one. Regular thermostats let you adjust the temperature in your home—it's just a contr…Read More

  2. How Often Should I get an HVAC Tune-Up? What is Involved?

    How often should your central air conditioning unit be serviced if there is no problem? Altman’s Cooling and Heating recommends that a qualified heating and air conditioning professional should inspect your A/C system at least once each year, as regular service of your A/C unit can help ensure its…Read More

  3. How Can I Get Rid of a Mildew Scent?

    You know that unpleasant smell of mildew? It is something nobody wants to experience, especially in your own home and coming from your own air conditioner! Every time your AC comes on, does the air leaving your vents stinking with a musty, mildew-like odor? Are you wondering what in the world it cou…Read More

  4. Air Conditioner Smells –Tips to Fix and Keep your Air Fresh

    When you turn up your AC are you hit by a foul, musty odor? The odor can be not just repulsive, but it can affect the performance of the air conditioner negatively, not to mention that it poses genuine health concerns for you and your family! In all likelihood, the primary reason for your air condit…Read More

  5. Set your Thermostat on a Timer and save Money!

    It makes a lot of sense that a programmable thermostat could help you reduce your energy usage. You simply program your thermostat to warm (or cool) your home when you’re actually there, then, when you’re away (or asleep), the thermostat switches off. As is often the case, though, practice is di…Read More

  6. How Do I Know If My Air Conditioner Has a Leak?

    Refrigerant or Freon is the chemical blend that circulates throughout the HVAC system to allow air to move from inside to outside the home. With no refrigerant, an air conditioner system acts as a fan, not a cooling system. Leaks in the AC typically start small and are not noticeable until the AC sy…Read More

  7. Preventive Maintenance Plans – Is it worth it?

    Preventive maintenance for HVAC systems is important to ensure your equipment is running smoothly and efficiently. Preventative maintenance prevents equipment failure and costly repairs before they happen. Maintaining a HVAC system is similar to maintaining a car. Oil changes and tune-ups are necess…Read More

  8. Tips to Stay Cool During the Summer

    Even though summer may be ending, it is still hot in Florida! No AC, or trying to save money on energy bills this summer? Even if you do have air conditioning, the Florida summers can get extremely hot. There are some ways to stay cool during the summer without spending a fortune on energy bills. Co…Read More

  9. Save on Your AC this Summer and Have a Cookout!

    Every summer, we look for ways to cool down. The Florida heat can be uncomfortable and exhausting. A fun and delicious way to save on your electric bill this summer is by having a cookout! Instead of using your oven, which heats up the house, consider grilling outside. Heating up the oven to 300+ de…Read More

  10. Set your Thermostat for Savings During Vacation

    Your AC works hard spring, summer, and fall, especially in the Florida heat. When leaving for the weekend or a vacation, it can be tempting to shut the system off completely to save on energy costs. However, it’s more cost effective and safer to leave the system on and add several degrees to the s…Read More