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Altman’s Cooling & Heating is proud to be serving the Central/North area of Brevard County for over 30 years. We are always ready and able to answer your questions, so take a moment to read some of our frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t listed, we’re always here to help, so contact one of our experts today!

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What Does SEER, HSPF, and AFUE stand for?

There are special names for the efficiency ratings of various types of equipment. Each of these acronyms represent the different efficiency rating system for each type of major home asset.

  • SEER - Air conditioning equipment is rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit. By upgrading your AC unit to one with a higher SEER rating, you can save quite a bit of money on your monthly energy bills.
  • HSPF - Heat pump equipment in the heating mode is rated by the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, or HSPF. The higher the HSPF rating, the more efficient the unit.
  • AFUE - Gas furnaces are rated according to their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the unit.

What Are Rating Numbers For?

The U.S. government requires an efficiency rating of all air conditioning and heating equipment. Every AC unit or furnace will lose a certain amount of energy that will not be directly converted to heating or cooling. These ratings reflect the percentage of energy used efficiently, with a high rating indicating high-efficiency. The next two topics address this issue in greater detail.

Should Outdoor Units Be Covered in Winter?

No. Heat pumps operate year-round and should never be covered. Similarly, air conditioners that operate seasonally are built to withstand extreme outdoor environments and should not be covered. By covering your unit, you could actually be blocking it’s exhaust which can cause mold and mildew, leading to expensive AC repairs. Said simply, it is best not to cover your outdoor AC unit.

Should My Thermostat Be Set to “Auto” or “On”

It depends on your personal preference. Most people choose auto because it means that the fan operates only when the temperature requires it which makes it the most efficient setting. However, there are advantages to using the “on” setting. Air is constantly filtered through the unit’s air filter, and the constantly circulating air results in an even temperature throughout the house. This can also increase your energy bill by quite a lot. Generally speaking, it is better to keep your system on auto.

Can Shrubs or Flowers Be Planted Around An Outdoor Unit?

Yes. However, we recommend that plants be no closer than 18 inches to the unit. This allows for plenty of room for air circulation in and out of the unit. Without this room for air circulation, the unit could overheat, resulting in a premature need for service. Leaving space around your AC Unit also allows for cheaper repairs and maintenance because technicians will be able to work much more quickly if they have plenty of room to work on the unit.

If an Outdoor Unit Needs Replacing, Should the Indoor Unit Be Replaced Too?

Yes. HVAC units are designed to operate as a complete, matched system. The efficiency rating is based on the entire system. Replacing the entire system ensures the system will be reliable and efficient. By only replacing one or the other, your system will run less efficiently and it could possibly cause the new system to wear out faster than if it were installed with its proper counterpart.

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