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What’s Causing My Air Conditioner to Leak?

It gets hot here in Titusville, FL, and the surrounding area, and since the temperatures will soon start rising as we edge toward summer, you can bet that you’ll be relying on your air conditioner very soon. Once you turn it on, what happens if you notice that it’s leaking? Is it something you should be worried about? What are common causes of air conditioner leaks? We’ll address all your important questions here.

The Difference Between Condensation & an Air Conditioner Leak

Before we dive in, it’s important to mention that there’s a difference between water droplets that form on the outside of your air conditioner, and an actual leak. What’s the difference?

As your air conditioner operates, its blower sucks in outside air and the humidity it contains and passes it over the cold evaporator coil to reduce the temperature. Just like you’ll often see on windows when the cool inside air meets the warm outside air, water droplets (or condensation) will form on your central AC unit.

As long as your drain pan and condensate drain line are properly in place, this is perfectly normal and won’t harm a thing. However, this most certainly isn’t the case with an actual leak.

Common Causes of Air Conditioner Leaks

Like any other piece of machinery that contains fluids, there can be dozens (perhaps even hundreds) of things that can go wrong and cause your air conditioner to leak. Here are some of the most common:

  • Rusted pans or clogged lines. Remember the condensate pan and lines we just talked about? If these rust or become clogged with dirt, mold, or other debris, they can back up into your home.
  • Frozen evaporator coil. If your air conditioner unit is low on refrigerant or has a dirty air filter, this can cause the evaporator coil to freeze. Then, when the water melts, it can cause the pain and drain to overflow.
  • Improper installation. If the professionals at Altman’s Cooling & Heating didn’t install your air conditioner and it was handled improperly, this can certainly lead to leaks or overflow issues.

Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking?

Whether you’re absolutely sure your air conditioner’s leaking, or you’re just worried about an excessive amount of moisture coming from it, call Altman’s Heating & Cooling today at 321-300-1407. We’ll be sure to calm your fears and have you back up and running in no time.