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Spring is coming to an end and we all know what that means…it’s going to get hot outside.  Here are some general preparations you should perform to your air filters before you are stuck in the summer heat and hot temperatures inside your home.

Dirty Air Conditioning Filters

A dirty or clogged air conditioning filter is a source of increased operating costs over long periods of time. Extremely dirty filters can eventually block the fan itself, leading to more costly repairs. Filters should usually be changed once a month when the system is in use but can be extended to every three months. Unfortunately, failure to properly filter dust from the return air supply can load the fan or evaporator coil with dust and prevent proper system operation. Installing a filter is normally a very minor expense. Dirty, blocked evaporator coils can result in improper air conditioning operation which include: very low output temperatures, low air flow (compensated sometimes by increased fan speed), and sometimes frost on the coil.

Air Conditioner Filter Location

The problem with air filters is that they easily forgotten and are changed much less than they should be. As said before, an air conditioner filter should be changed once a month. Having a clean filter is the number one way you can keep a system running for a long time without any problems. Most systems have a central air return register which is looks like a grill and is located in a wall or ceiling if your system uses centralized air. These units have filters that can easily be removed and replaced with new filters. As for an attic air handler look for a slot which has a removable cover. The slot may be just an inch wide if 1″ thick filters are used, or it could be several inches wide if a wide high-capacity pleated or similar filter was used. Look for a filter slot right where the return plenum contacts the blower fan assembly.

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