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Heater trouble? Items to troubleshoot

Is your heater acting up? Anything from normal wear and tear to dirty filters can cause your heater to malfunction. Because most problems with heaters are the same, there are several things to check and troubleshoot on your heater before calling a technician. By knowing the typical problems, you can also work to prevent them from occurring.

  • Make sure the thermostat is set to “heat” and not “cool.” A simple fix but many people forget to switch the setting and wonder why the heat isn’t starting. Make sure to also have the thermostat set to a temperature that will actually turn on the furnace (say, 90 degrees).
  • Perhaps the most common problem is with the filter. Homeowners typically forget the filter needs to be replaced once a month. Filters clean the air coming in and out of the heater, and a dirty filter becomes clogged and limits airflow, sending dirty air into your home.
  • Check the batteries – some thermostats are powered by batteries and may need replacing.
  • Check the furnace circuit in your home’s circuit breaker. Then check the furnace switch on the unit or on a wall nearby. It typically looks like a regular light switch and can be mistakenly turned off.

If you’ve checked the settings, batteries, switches, and filters, and your heater still isn’t working, it may be time to call a professional. Altman’s Cooling & Heating offers an affordable $29 service call, with fully equipped vans to solve common heating and cooling problems on the first visit.