Summer is here and your air conditioning is running round the clock! Your electric bill is bound to go up by some amount, but by following a couple practices, you won’t have to sacrifice staying cool to save a few bucks.

Protect your HVAC Unit

If debris from trees or other sources makes their way into the system, it can hinder performance and cause serious damage to the unit. Additionally, if you can manage to provide your unit with shade, it will run more smoothly and cut energy consumption.

Check Your Vents

For starters, make sure your vents are open. If they’re closed, the cool air will never reach its destination and you’ll be wasting money cooling your home. It’s also important to keep vents clean, as it will help air flow better and prevent dust and debris from flowing through your home.

Use a Fan

Hot air rises to the top of the home. Fans are an excellent way to help move the hot air out of your home while also providing pleasant cooling and circulation. Remember, the more cooling that is handled by the fan, the less your HVAC unit has to work!

Replace Older Models

If your unit is quite a few years old, it may be a good idea to replace it. Newer units are more efficient, meaning that they will keep your house cooler while using less energy. A brand new unit can be a bit of an investment, but it will save you money on the electric bill for years to come.

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