Some people may be surprised to hear that their air conditioning units need tune-ups and regular maintenance just like their cars do. You use your air conditioner just as much as your vehicle. In fact, likely even more since your unit is running whether you are in your home or not.

So, it is easy to understand that HVAC units need regular maintenance in order to function at their best – especially here in Florida, where the weather rarely gets cold enough for us to turn off our units. Scheduling regular tune-ups is incredibly beneficial to your HVAC system and can ensure that everything is running properly so your machine functions well when you need it the most.

What Can a Tune-Up Do?

Tune-ups enable your air conditioning system to run as efficiently as possible, which translates into lower energy costs, saving you money every day that you have it running. Tune-ups will improve performance and provide cooler air faster.

Another huge plus is that it will extend the lifespan of your unit. If HVAC units aren’t properly cared for, they can deteriorate pretty quickly. Before you know it, you have to completely replace your system, costing you much more than a tune-up. Additionally, regular maintenance on your unit can help with air quality. It’s not uncommon for air conditioners to release dust and bacteria into your home if they are not properly maintained.

When Should I Get a Tune-Up?

If you can’t recall the last time you’ve had regular maintenance done on your air conditioner, you should probably schedule a tune-up. Units typically benefit the most from yearly tune-ups. It can be especially beneficial to get these tune-ups done in spring, right before the hot summer months. A spring time check-up means your HVAC will be running to the best of its ability during the heat of summer when you’re going to be using it the most.

Can I Do a Tune-Up Myself?

Air conditioning systems can be very complicated to navigate and maintain without adequate experience, which is why we always recommend contacting the experts at Altman’s Cooling and Heating, instead of attempting to keep up with it yourself.

If it is time to schedule a tune-up (and we guess it probably is), contact Altman’s Cooling and Heating today at 321-300-1407. Our team has been serving the Titusville and New Smyrna Beach area for 30 years.