Every summer, we look for ways to cool down. The Florida heat can be uncomfortable and exhausting. A fun and delicious way to save on your electric bill this summer is by having a cookout!

Instead of using your oven, which heats up the house, consider grilling outside. Heating up the oven to 300+ degrees makes the AC unit work harder to keep the house cool. A grill gets hot too, but the heat escapes to the outside, instead of your home. Temperatures drop when the sun starts to set – so grilling outside doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

If you don’t have a grill, consider dinner items that don’t require the oven or stovetop – like salads. Check out these summer salad recipes. Smaller appliances like the microwave, toaster oven, and crockpot create less heat. If you absolutely must use your oven, cook in the morning when temperatures are cooler. Running the exhaust fan while using the oven can help to remove the hot air.

Small actions such as having a cookout instead of using the oven can help your AC unit not have to work overtime, and save you money on your energy bill. In addition to grilling outside, it’s extremely important to perform regular maintenance on your system to make sure it’s not working too hard to cool your home. Make your appointment today by calling 321-300-1407 to ensure you are reaping the benefits and savings of your energy saving actions.