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Top 5 HVAC Summer Vacation Tips

hatWhen getting ready for summer vacation, we usually don’t think about our HVAC systems, trusting that they will run smoothly while we’re away. Help your HVAC system be prepared for your summer vacation with these 5 tips – you’ll even save money, energy, and stress while you are away!

  • Turn up the temperature: Raise your thermostat to four or five degrees higher than you normally set it while you’re at home, even if you are leaving pets at home. This will save your AC from working too hard and save on your energy bill. Don’t set it too high – or you may lose your savings trying to cool it back down when you get home.
  • Surge protection: A power outage, storm, or power surge while you’re away can harm your HVAC unit. Protect your system while you are away by installing a surge protector. If you’re not sure if your system is surge protected, speak to a professional to determine if it’s properly protected.
  • Air filter maintenance: It’s important to have a clean air filter – particularly before you leave for vacation. The system will still be running while you are away, and a clean filter minimizes the risk that any malfunctions will happen while you’re gone.
  • Routine maintenance: Cleaning your unit and replacing the filter is important, but having the system checked by an HVAC professional is the best way to ensure it runs efficiently while you are on vacation. A leak or break down while you are on vacation would be bad timing. A professional can determine that all is running smoothly and recommend any tune-ups.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your HVAC system while on vacation. To discuss the steps you should take before leaving or to schedule routine maintenance, call Altman’s Heating & Cooling today at 321-300-1407!