As pollution levels and environmental concerns escalate, air purification systems are an increasingly popular choice to maintain healthy, clean air throughout your home. The EPA states that the air we breathe in our own homes is one of the top five environmental health risks and can be more toxic than city smog.


Whole House systems can be installed into the existing HVAC or ductwork and are designed to trap pollutants and allergens up to 100% more than standard filters. Those who suffer from allergies, asthma, upper respiratory conditions and compromised immune systems can benefit the most. Even the most minute lung irritants can be removed – as low as .003 microns. Separate, freestanding units, typically installed in attics, are also available.

Portable air purifiers can be moved from room to room and work best in homes that do not currently have central air or heating.


Whole House

Extended Media Filters
These boxy, 8-inch accordion-like stacks of filters require professional installation into the existing ductwork. More effective than traditional flat filters, their MERV ratings climb to 16 and only need to be changed once a year.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Incorporated into the ductwork, they utilize electrostatic precipitator technology (static electricity) trapping particles that media filters cannot. Particles are electrically charged as they travel through the unit (Ionization), which are then captured on an oppositely charged collector plate. These never need to be replaced; however, the collector plates must be regularly cleaned.

UVGI Cleaners

A UV lamp can be installed as an add-on, killing airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores on contact, like a bug zapper. Although they won’t catch contaminants such as dust and pollen, UV lamps are excellent at combating germs and are often used in hospitals.



Air is forced through a complex mesh of fibers, trapping harmful pollutants. Requiring more powerful fan capabilities than a standard HVAC system, they are often noisy, yet effective.


Like whole house electronic cleaners, these are best at removing smoke. Negative ions streamed into the air are attracted to a collection rod. Because a fan is not required, they’re quieter than HEPA units.

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