Imagine that you’re lounging around your house and enjoying the comfortable temperature, when you suddenly realize that it’s getting hotter. After investigating the cause, you soon learn that your air conditioner has stopped blowing cold air, so it’s basically just sucking the hot air from outside and blowing it into your home.

What in the world is going on? Will you be able to get your air conditioner back up and running soon? Perhaps most importantly, will it cost you a fortune? Let’s take a look.

No Air From Your Air Conditioner? Here Are Some Common Causes

If your air conditioner has stopped blowing air altogether, the first thing you should do is find out if the unit outside has stopped running. If it has and it won’t respond, regardless of what you do, give Altman’s Cooling & Heating a call at 321-300-1407. The problem could be caused by something as simple as a loose wire on your thermostat or a blown fuse, or something a lot more serious.

By bringing in our friendly professionals, you’ll be able to figure out the root cause as quickly and painlessly as possible, and enjoy your cool, refreshing air conditioner again in no time flat.

Is Your Air Conditioner Full of Hot Air?

On the other hand, can you see and hear your external air conditioner unit running, but it’s just not blowing cold air? This could be the result of a completely different set of problems, including:

  • Low refrigerant. If your air conditioner doesn’t contain adequate refrigerant, it might not be able to sufficiently cool the air down before it blows into your home.
  • Broken or disconnected return duct. When this happens, hot air from your attic space or outside can be pulled in and blown through your registers.
  • Clogged exterior unit. If your outside AC unit is surrounding by a lot of trees or vegetation, fallen leaves (or even just dirt) can restrict air flow to your condenser coil and reduce its effectiveness.

What Can You Do If Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Blowing Air?

Sure, you could take time out of your busy schedule and attempt to figure out what’s going on, or you could call some fly-by-night company that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Instead, rely on the professionals at Altman’s Cooling & Heating to get your unit’s cold air flowing once again. Give us a call today at 321-300-1407.