Anytime someone mentions UV (ultraviolet) light, the first thing you probably think of is those long, slender bulbs that line the interior of office buildings, often giving off a familiar humming while casting everything in a blue-ish glow. However, the reality is that’s just what we can see; the full ultraviolet spectrum is actually much broader.

One of the really cool things about UV light is that the radiation given off by certain wavelengths can kill specific types of bacteria and other hazardous biological material, such as mold and fungi. As such, UV lights are often used to decontaminate hospital rooms.

On the other hand, the not-so-cool thing about this radiation is that it can also damage human skin (especially UVA and UVB rays), which is why you get burned after spending too much time in the sun.

How does this relate to air conditioning systems?

Does Your Air Conditioner Need UV Light?

Today, UV lights have moved out of hospital wards and into home air conditioning systems. Why? For much of the same reason: they can help keep microbes, mold, and fungi in check, which can ultimately help improve the air inside your home. Do you have a household member with allergies or an older HVAC system? A UV might be just what you need.

In most instances, one of these lights is placed inside the return air duct near the air handler coil, where they remain on for 24 hours per day in order to provide around the clock sterilization.

Are Air Conditioner UV Lights Expensive?

As with most other home improvement costs, the total price to install a UV light in your HVAC system can vary depending on the type of system you have, its age and condition, and more. The good news is that by effectively decontaminating the air coming into your home, this small investment could help you breathe a whole lot easier.

Outside of installation costs, you will have some ongoing maintenance costs with UV lights. For example, bulbs will need to be replaced about once per year, and you could see a minimal uptick in your electricity bill (about $2 per month, again depending on several different factors).

Is an HVAC UV Light Right for You?

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