Air conditioners leaking water isn’t an uncommon problem, especially in places like Florida where we rely so heavily on our A/Cs running 24/7. When water damage and repair costs are on the line, Altman’s Cooling & Heating wants to make sure you are aware of all the possible causes of A/C leaks so that you can better prepare yourself and your home.

Clogged or Disconnected Drain Line

One of the most frequent causes of a leaky A/C is a clogged drain line. A clogged drain line could act as a dam that holds water inside the A/C until the drain pan overflows and leaks into your home. Drain lines can be clogged by any sort of debris such as dirt, dust, and animal fur.

Disconnected drain lines are often the result of an improper installment. The easiest way to avoid a disconnected drain line is by always making sure you have a professional maintaining your A/C. The costs of having an improper installation can become much more expensive than having it done right the first time.

Clogged Air Filter

On top of causing a water leakage, a clogged air filter can result in your A/C using 15 percent more power than usual, which will certainly run up your bill. It can also cause the unit’s cooling coil to freeze up because of the lack of air moving through the system. This problem can quickly get out of hand, so it’s important to call a professional as quickly as possible to avoid being responsible for an expensive mess.

Condensate Pump Problems

The condensate pump in your air conditioning unit is responsible for the condensation that forms when humid air clashes with the refrigerant used for cooling. If something goes wrong with the condensate pump, or if it isn’t installed properly, it could easily become a cause of air conditioning leakage, which can result in large-scale flooding of an attic or basement.

Altman’s Cooling & Heating has provided high standard installations to the communities of Titusville and New Smyrna Beach, Florida for the past 30 years. We also provide high-quality tune-ups, which are recommended to be performed semi-annually to ensure your system is running at peak performance. Avoid costly issues with your system and schedule your appointment with a professional service member from our team today.