New thermostat technology has led to the development of great innovative products for your home. Altman’s Cooling & Heating is excited to offer the Nest thermostat to our customers in Titusville, Cocoa, and the surrounding communities.

The Nest Learning Thermostat connects you to your heating and cooling online, anytime. Going beyond a programmable thermostat’s capabilities, the Nest learns your routines and schedules heating and cooling settings for you to enhance efficiency. This smart thermostat is a smart choice for any Florida home.

What’s special about the Nest?

The Nest isn’t just a thermostat; combined with indoor and outdoor sensors, as well as Internet connectivity, Nest gets to know you and your surroundings and remembers what you like to control your energy settings effortlessly, saving more energy than a standard programmable thermostat. Plus, control your thermostat straight from your smartphone, and view the energy savings data Nest provides online.

Nest helps you maximize energy savings with smart settings and system reminders. Whenever you’re saving, you’ll see the Nest Leaf™ indicating that you’re saving energy while staying comfortable. Nest reminds you when it’s time to change your filter, helping you stay on top of energy savings and cut your heating and cooling bills.

Use the Nest with your system

Some thermostats just aren’t compatible with certain types of heating and cooling systems, or don’t work as efficiently with them. Nest knows many systems are different, and offers special features to fit your heating and cooling systems.

  • Forced air and dual fuel: The Early-On feature starts heating or cooling ahead of schedule so your home will be at the temperature you want, when you want- not long after.
  • Heat pumps with auxiliary heat: Nest offers Heat Pump Balance to optimize how often auxiliary heat is used, keeping costs low.

Get the Nest for your nest

Altman’s Cooling & Heating provides reliable installation of new Nest Learning Thermostats for our customers in Titusville, Cocoa, and Brevard County, Florida. Our qualified technicians will ensure Nest is compatible with your system and is installed for effortless communication and maximum efficiency. Call us today to learn more.

For over 30 years, Altman’s Cooling & Heating has kept residents of Titusville, Cocoa, and the surrounding Brevard County, Florida communities in comfort.

We are proud to offer the affordable $29 service call*, with fully equipped vans to solve common heating and cooling problems on the first visit. We maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Call and let our expert technicians deliver a prompt, professional, and friendly solution for all your air conditioning needs.

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