Why Choose Altman’s?

Air conditioning is just a little more important in Florida than in many other places! While we love living here, a broken air conditioning unit can quickly lead to unlivable conditions indoors. When it comes to A/C repair and general HVAC service in Edgewater, go with the Top Rated Local® pros at Altman’s Cooling & Heating. With more than 30 years of service, a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction, and a wide range of service locations throughout Florida, you can trust our team to get the job done. What can we help with?

Air Conditioning Repair in Edgewater

If your air conditioning unit stops working on a hot summer day, it’s a problem you need to get fixed quickly. That’s why Altman’s Cooling & Heating is there for you to get your unit back up and running as soon as possible, allowing you to be comfortable in your own home. Our friendly, professional, and experienced staff will use their expertise to get your system fixed — give us a call today!

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Edgewater

Our team can help prevent problems before they arise with scheduled, routine maintenance throughout the year. With this service, you can ensure your home in Edgewater is never subject to unnecessary air conditioning failure when you need it most. Our experienced team will provide maintenance that keeps your system clean, free from rust and buildup, and with every part working properly. Contact us today to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Air Duct Cleaning in Edgewater

A broken HVAC system can not only cause uncomfortable living conditions, but even unsafe health conditions in your home. Altman’s Cooling & Heating is there to provide air duct cleaning in Edgewater, ensuring your air ducts aren’t spreading unclean air throughout your home or business. If you’ve been noticing a musty smell or increased allergy symptoms, give us a call to come take a look. Improving the air quality in your home is invaluable for creating safe and comfortable living conditions. Contact us today for full air conditioning service in Edgewater!