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I Have a Faulty Thermostat, What Do I Do?

Faulty thermostats can be one of the most frustrating problems in a home. It can be caused by an unprofessional installment, or simply being placed too close to a window or door. As if the technical defaults of such an issue weren’t enough, it can also create an insufferable ticking noise that can lead to troubles sleeping, amongst other things. The easiest way to avoid such troubles is to make sure your HVAC unit is kept running efficiently.

There are some inexpensive strategies to reduce the amount of energy you’re using. Each of the ones listed below will contribute to the overall better performance of your HVAC unit.

Moderate Temperatures Efficiently

In places like Titusville and New Smyrna Beach, Florida, the weather is fairly warm year-round. Keeping the temperature in your home low at all times of the day not only wastes energy, but it costs you more money. It would be more efficient to turn the temperature on your thermostat up a few degrees before you leave for work or any other adventure that takes you away from your home for a long period of time. Turning up the thermostat when you’re not home keeps your unit from having to constantly compete with the outside weather and inevitably burn itself out.

Also, be sure to avoid setting your thermostat to a temperature lower than normal when you first turn your unit on. A low temperature will not speed up the cooling process in your home, but it will drive up your A/C bill.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

With the fans providing better air circulation in your home, you should be able to put the thermostat up a few more degrees while remaining comfortable. The use of ceiling fans helps to lower your overall bill, especially if the fans are only on in the rooms you mostly inhabit. The air flow will eventually filter through the rest of the house.

Avoid Leaving Doors Open

Leaving the garage door open gives the unit one more room to heat up, and this could perhaps be the hottest room in the house. If doors and windows to the outside are left open, your system will try to compensate for the heat outside of your house as well and overwork itself, which is one of the easiest ways to burn out your system.

Remember that your thermostat is a tool to keep your indoor environment equilibrated. When you start throwing in factors that are harder to control it will cause your HVAC system to have more issues and burn out faster than it should.

If you are having issues with your thermostat and HVAC system always be sure to call a professional to avoid unnecessary extra costs as a result of waiting too long or trying to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Schedule your appointment with one of our service members today.